To concentrate on the development of your business,
of your SME, of your VSB:

  • by assuring the follow-up and the control of your sales, finances, outstanding payments;
  • by optimizing your management, your processes and administrative flows;
  • by facilitating your trade and the management of your customers.

The PMI-team, after analysis of the specificities of your business, suggests a management software adapted to your needs and to the specificities of your working environment.

The proposed solutions will help you in your daily management, in the development of your activities and the improvement of your profitability.

Over the years, PMI developed and implemented the specific solutions for business sectors such as :

Conscious that your business is constantly evolving, the ambition of the PMI-team is to accompany you in this evolution and to adapt the suggested solutions to this one. We also provide you with a helpdesk and training sessions in order to answer your technical and usability questions.

Are you looking after a management software to optimize your business ?

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